This Is Who I Think I Am

So I was not quite sure what my first post should be, but I figured if anyone ever sees this I want them to know who I am as a person first. So that sparked the idea for this first blog post. I decided to Google “who am I questions to ask yourself” and I came up with these questions. So this is to give you all a better insight of who I think I am, who I am, and who I want to be.

1. Who am I? Literally, I’m a human being alike everyone else, and you can refer to me as SIM.

2. What is really important to me/ what are my values? My family, although times get rough and not everything is always bright at the end of the day they’re the ones who will always be there. I value friendship and love, even when its tough.

3. What are my passions? In all honesty sitting on the computer and being lazy. You should try it, it’s an exciting and quality way to live life.

5. What am I most proud of? I personally don’t feel like I’ve accomplished all that much to be very proud of something in particular. But i’m often times proud of little things in my life.

6. Who and what am I truly grateful for? I’m truly grateful for a roof over my head and food and water everyday. I truly am a blessed person and it’s a great shame when I fail to realize it. I can only thank my family and friends for that and god.

7. What 5 adjectives describe me best? Lazy… inappropriate… obnoxious… clumsy… swag, of course.

8. Do I love myself (and why, or why not)? In all honesty I can’t say that I love a lot of myself. But I do love certain things about myself and others not at all.

9. Do I love other people – in a way that is meaningful to them? I do love other people, but in my opinion I don’t have a good way of showing it. But deep down under my guard I do.

10. What would my ideal self look like? (How would they be living; what would they be thinking, saying and doing?) Well (s)he would be caring and put others before her 24/7. She’d be living with a family and have nothing but love for them and would be an accomplished architect.

11. What are the most important lessons I’ve learned so far? Probably to value every aspect of my life and appreciate everything. Unfortunately as much as I tell myself this I’m not perfect and it’s not 100% yet.

12. Who can I trust (and who should I NOT trust)? I can trust in my family, my friends are great but they’re not exactly 100% reliable but I trust in them as much as I can.

13. What do I want my life to look like a year, 5 years and 10 years from now? In college, setting my life up and getting ready for the rest of it. And enjoying it to the best of my ability.

14. What do I need to do to make that a reality? Trust in myself and perseverance.

15. What are my goals and dreams? To travel the world. Have a family to supprt and love as much as mine does. And a few other things.

16. What steps do I need to take, what obstacles do I need to overcome, what bad habits do I need to break, and what commitments do I need to make in order to realise those goals and dreams? Put more trust in people, and learn not to judge.

17. What am I running away from? The hard and new parts of life that I’m not used to.

18.  What do I need to work on to be the best person I can be? My attitude to just about everything, I’m grumpy on occasions.

19. What gives my life meaning and purpose? I would love to tell you but I can’t just yet.

20. Which 5 people do I want to spend most time with? Mom, Dad, Brother, Gramps and puppy.


About seeminglyimperfectme

life's a puzzle, i'm searching for the rest of my pieces.
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