Do Good People Really Exist?

Last night I endured the heart jerking story of Timothy Green. That’s right I watched The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Some may say “SIM, it’s not all that sad of a movie.” But for me something about it made me bust out in tears. In the movie a couple wasn’t able to have a child, which really hit home with me. They decided for just one night that they would have a child and write out all the things that he’d be great at. And basically grew a child in the garden. Disney can be peculiar. Just watch the trailer. But Timothy is an honest, innocent and all around amazing child. He made everyone else in the story look like Satan because he was such a pure character. This started to make me wonder. Timothy was so great basically all around, but people failed to see that. It made me wonder if there really are good people out in this world. And I feel like there are, but to many of us find things that they’re not good at to make them seem worse than what they are. When I think of a good person I usually associate them with being a perfect and whole human. But what if there is no such thing as a whole person. Maybe we just search for wholeness but can never truly find it because others don’t let us find it. Or maybe it doesn’t exist at all. So do good people exist? Or is perfection, wholeness and complete good something made up.


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life's a puzzle, i'm searching for the rest of my pieces.
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