Miley Taught Me Something… Yup

So I talked to you guys a little bit about my problem last post. And I know that it’s very stupid and that there are more worthwhile things to get upset about, but I do feel that there is a bit of a greater meaning to all this petty drama. My friend, well more of a “friendish” acquaintance “Ugh” that I was talking to you guys about has this tendency to walk all over me and make fun. Don’t get me wrong I’v got thick skin and can deal with someone trying to pick on me but I pick my battles. So where does Miley Cyrus come into play? Yeah, so as we can all see by her new haircut and sexy ass clothing, shes changed quite a bit from Hannah Montanna. But she’s not afraid to do her and she does not care what people say. She does not lash out at the public for judging her. And that’s like me. She taught me how to pick battles and when to realize that people are ignorant and that if we show them we care than we are only satisfying them and my goal sure as hell is not to satisfy the people who try to make my life as hellacious as possible. But then I also think about the bigger picture. Will a person stop bullying you if you don’t say anything. Obviously “Ugh” does not. So my friend “Spazz” was telling me that I should never let anyone walk over me. That I am me and if people can’t accept than that’s their issue, but she also said that people are all equal and there comes a time when the line needs to be drawn. So, next time I have to make the decision whether to confront or conceal but for now I’ll cross my fingers and toes in hopes that “Ugh” shuts her mouth. Alright thanks guys. Deuces. 🙂


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