What Battles Should We Pick?

Hey guys, long time no talk huh? Yeah so school started back up about a month and a half ago. It doesn’t suck, at least not yet but by no means is it good. So far in this school year I’ve been doing really well academically and with the friends part not so well. My two of my friends and I seriously got into it, but it was about the most petty thing ever. I generally hate arguments and am just quick to apologize but this time I’m just over it. Basically my friend “Spazz” and I went for coffee after school with our new friend “Beauty” (sorry I don’t know what the hell these names are). So our other friend “Ugh” had field hockey so we did not bother to ask her to come. One mistake.. one mess up on our behalf was taken to the extreme. Spazz and I were ignored for like 2 and a half weeks which I think is ridiculous. There comes a time when I just need the bullshit to be cut and to just be real. I apologized, I made a mistake sorry and it wasn’t worth the overreaction. I started to just ignore it because I figured there are certain battles that we should fight and other to just let go and move on. So I let it go, eventually Ugh started talking to Spazz and I again but things wont be the same. I need to continue this so stay tuned. Oh, and thanks for listening to my feelings brahs. 🙂


About seeminglyimperfectme

life's a puzzle, i'm searching for the rest of my pieces.
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